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"B.G. Music Academy Ltd" is a music academy, production studio and guitar shop, located in the Etobicoke area of Toronto, offering music classes (piano and guitar) and master classess (piano). We offer lessons in Jazz and Classical Piano; Blues and Classical Guitar; Digital recording classes and more.

What We Do

We are teaching music - Not instructing or coaching music, there is a difference.

Music Director is Jazz Pianist, Recording Artist, Berklee graduate, Mr. Dragan Petrovic.
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BGMUSIC Production studio

We have a 32 track production - recording studio, we use to teach production, songwriting, arranging and digital recording courses.

MOST POPULAR: Production Courses 5 weeks (2h per week) For more information click HERE

We sell guitars and digital pianos - Let's get you started!

Student 3/4 size guitar

You don't want to invest much, because you're not sure your child will stick to it. This is the perfect choice for you.

3/4 size Beaver Creek acoustic guitar with bag.


Roland FP 30 - 88 keys

FP-30 Digital Piano w/Speakers - Black.
• 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard provides authentic piano touch for maximum expression.


Full size acoustic guitars

Great selection of afortable full size acoustic guitars. Visit our show room for more.

Price starting from $159.00

Electric Guitars

Companies who make good guitars like CORT or Jay Turser or Peavey are great for any guitar beginner. This could be your first guitar.

Price starting from $229.99

Small practice amps

The Marshall MG Series MG Series MG10CF 10W 1x6.5 Guitar Combo Amp is an ideal amp for practicing and even playing in small jams. Boasting a bold carbon fibre clad look, solid digital effects 

Price starting from $148.99

Guitar Straps

Great selection of basic nylon straps, as well as lether and soft fabric ones.

Come and check it out

Price starting from $19.99.

Roland Fp 10 - 88 keys

The FP-10's PHA-4 Standard keyboard delivers the responsive feel of a fine acoustic piano, with every nuance whether you play hard or soft captured by Roland's touch-detection technology.

$ 699.00

Guitar Strings

Great selection of MARTIN, GIBSON,D'ADDARIO, ERNIE BALLS, DUNLOP strings etc..

Price starting from $8.99

Music Lessons

CLASSICAL GUITAR - This course is designed for anyone just learning to play classical guitar. This comprehensive and easy beginner's course teach you the basics of the classical style and technique.  

CLASSICAL PIANO - Graded repertoire and studies/etudes albums to complement and provide supporting materials for the curriculum and the Certificate Programs of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

BLUES GUITAR - If you have ever wanted to better understand and play the blues, this course is for you. Students will gain an understanding of the basic concepts and techniques required to play good.

COUNTRY GUITAR - Learning finger picking patherns, as well as different strumming ideas and country licks. Student will learn ideas for country solos and how to implement blueas into country licks.

MUSIC PRODUCTION - Music producers are often defined as the unsung heroes behind the scenes in popular music. The music producer is very important role in music industry.

JAZZ PIANO - Playing Through Changes, Major ii V I, Scales, Voice Leading, Dorian, Altered, Resolution, Chord Tones, Minor II V I, Altered b13, Exercises, Connecting Scales.

FOLK GUITAR - Folk guitar is very connected with "story telling" through playing guitar and singing. Singer song-writer are the usual choice for the FOLK music. One story, one guitar.

MASTER CLASS - Dragan Petrovic - Pre-enrollment for my MasterClass is now open. I’ll show you that bold ideas can come from anyone and all you Learn More



Fill in and sign Pre-Authorized Credit Card Payment Agreement (available at the front desk) and authorize "B.g. Music Academy Ltd" to charge your credit card on a monthly bases.

1/2h Private lesson - 34.00$

Monthly Authorization will remain in force until we receive written notification (e mail) from you to activate (stop payment) option.

To activate 'stop payment' option cancel your contract week before next month payment is due. Payment will be processed on the first day of each Month.

Total charges would depend on the number of the weeks applicable for that month. Statutory holidays are exluded from the count.

Refund on missed lessons: n/a

Monthly Payments

Most common


Register for any semester, any time. We offer 3 semesters per year.

1) September - Dec

2) Jan - March

3) March - June

Sign Pre-Authorized Credit Card Payment Agreement (available at the front desk) and authorize "B.g. Music Academy Ltd" to charge your credit card account.

Important: Statutory holidays are exluded from any charge. As soon as payment has been processed, refund option is not available.

If you wish to cancel your contract , you should do that week before your credit card has been charged.

Refund on missed lessons: n/a

Semestar payments

Most practical


Try 5 or 10 private lessons before you commit to any program.


Register and pay: HERE


Important: Due to the short nature of 5 or 10 weeks session, we do not offer any cancellations, make up lessons or credits for missed lessons.

*OPTION 3 is only available for Adult classes.

5 - 10 Lessons STARTER PACK

Most popular


- Make-up lessons: n/a

Please choose your time slot carefully. We do not tolerate, absences due to missed appointments, family vacations, extended holidays or fake excuses.

Refund on missed lessons: n/a

Our Policies

Protection for You and Us

Guitar Repair


Over 20 years experiance repairing acoustic and electric guitars. All our work is guaranteed and we have the quickest turnaround in Toronto. We offer competitive prices and the same week set-up.



We offer free consultations regarding modifications and will only recommend needed mods for your specific instrument and play style. Our Toronto guitar technicians are so confident in the quality of their work that we guarantee it or your money back...

Fret Dressing


Set-up (includes re-stringing/neck adjustment/intonation/body & neck cleaning)

Basic Re-String


Custom made pickups re-winding & guitar parts. Restoration work & refinishing to New & Vintage instruments, is our specialty. Amp repairs & custom pedal mods.

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612 The Queensway,
Etobicoke, ON, M8Y 1K1


Call Us: +1 416 840 0723

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