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Lessons are weekly in a one on one format. This allows you and your teacher to discuss and decide on the best way to achieve your goals while skipping over material that may not be applicable to you.

At the beginning is Learning how appropriately and under the right angle, place the fingers of your left hand on the fretboard. Playing Chords in the first three fret position. Naming them properly and in deteil. Learning how to strumm chords in time. Changing chords in a proper time signature and tempo. Learning basic 3-4 chords songs. Basic picking patherns.

Playing with or without the pick, applying different techique. Strumming patherns. Learning how to understand "chord chart" and write appropriate chord sheet for the song.

lesson policies

for piano and guitar students

We do not offer any cancellations, make up lessons or credits for missed lessons.

Refund on missed lessons: N/A

Please choose your time slot carefully. We do not tolerate, absences due to missed appointments, family vacations, extended holidays or fake excuses.
*After registering, please call the front desk to reserve time slot and the day you want to start with lessons.
 416 / 840 / 0723