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Your teacher is: Mr. Dragan Petrovic has asolid reputation as a sophisticated and highly respected Toronto jazz pianist/producer. His broad repertoire of styles reflect both European and North American influences and he has an impressive emotional range that will captivate the ears of jazz andfusion music lovers of all tastes. His compositions are truly elegant and inspiring. Every new recording continues to keep listeners inanticipation of his next musical adventure.


Dragan Jazz tips:

Once I have asked a new jazz student if he owned a metronome and he said:" No I don't need one. I have a good time" ... My shocking respond was: "Yeah right, why would you???" what an attitude! It's as if the metronome is there to bust you on time ...
In jazz rhythm is perhaps the most important element of all. It's not what you play, it's how you play it. Everyone in the band is "drummer", in that we should all be able to groove together and play it in time. Official website

2) CBC 2 radio - Dragan Petrovic Quartet
3) iTunes: The Vibe (New York Jazz) Dragan Petrovic

4) CD Baby

Dragan Petrovic - advanced jazz classes

  • Harmony & Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Rhythm Training
  • Applied Rhythm Training
  • Sight Reading
  • Improvisation
  • Music Technology Lab
  • Songwriting & Arranging
  • Modern Music Listening & Analysis
  • Writing Charts and Lead Sheets
  • Elementary Piano for Songwriting & Composition
  • Jazz Composition & Arranging
  • Traditional Harmony
  • Traditional Counterpoint
  • Pre-production Workshop for Musicians
  • Modes of the major scale
  • Jazz improvisation
  • Dynamic phrasing and musical expression
  • Piano chords and voicings
  • Understanding sheet music and sightreading
  • Classical piano composers and repertoire
    Advanced classes for Piano / Keyboard. Techaer: Mr. Dragan Petrovic